Irish Migration and Settlement in Newfoundland, 1750 to 1850

Digitizing the Records of Dr. John Mannion


The information presented in this tool may be of interest to people of Irish ancestry researching their own family history.

It allows for the search of the incredible collection of information collected using a variety of digitally recorded fields, and the retrieval of the digitized images of the cards that make up this phase of the collection. The results include all person and place data, religion, date events, life events, and others. There are also specialized mapping features available from the Search menu item above.

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Using this search

With each step, we narrow the number of records searched, and you provide more information about the records you are looking for.

This means the numbers of results will be less and less. For example, changing the Old World Location will affect the available options for the rest of the dropdowns.

A few tips

  • To reduce the list of last names, pick a letter that begins the last name to start
  • Then select a last name. All the other fields can be skipped if desired by clicking "search records" at any point.
  • "Skip this field" ignores that field and includes everyone in the records that match the other fields (a wildcard search).
  • A first name of "Unknown" is different, it indicates a partial name with only a first or last name.